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Sunday 8:30pm 4th September 2016 commemorates the 350 anniversary of what has infamously become known as The Great Fire of London. The disaster began in a bakery on Pudding Lane. The vast wooden structures of the city held together with tar and pitch burned like a tinder box and the strong east wind soon sent the flames to the huge London warehouses filled with sugar, gunpowder, rum that turned buildings into dangerous explosives. The old Saint Paul’s Cathedral was destroyed and the lead dome roof melted into the streets below. Arrogance by officials refusing to knock down any buildings meant the fire spread quickly and with devastating power. The whole of central London was destroyed by morning which was not good for a country engaged in two wars. The flourishing city of finance commerce and entertainment was rebuilt with brick relatively quickly. The official death toll was only 10 – though the true figure would have been much higher. Ten important people were recorded as dying in the flames but far more would have died in their beds as the flames took hold. Many of the inhabitants were “unofficial” unrecorded residents too. Added to these facts were the many homeless that also died in the harsh Winter that followed that deadly Autumn of 1666.

Watch this incredible art display as a floating wooden skyline of Old London Town burns to remember this day 350 years ago. Local unemployed young people were brought on board to help the artist create his work ready to be dramatically set on fire to commemorate when poverty, over-crowding, official arrogance and the deadly element of fire collide in an event we call The Great Fire of London. You can also check out further details at:

Author: Mark Davey

Mark Davey - Author

6 thoughts on “WATCH LONDON BURN”

  1. Wow! What a thing to see, did you know that Samuel peeps buried a large wheel of cheese in his garden to protect it from the fire as it was at the time the most precious thing he possessed. Not that he didn’t have many expensive items just that the cheese in question was particularly pricey!

    1. That’s amazing. Wonder if it was like a giant roast Camembert – all melted and ready for the whole family [or even street] to
      dip bits of bread and veg sticks. A Giant Fondue would be a wonderful way to remember The Great Fire while playing the video link of
      Watch London Burn!

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