Evil Dictators

Evil Dictators – where to start? They say the moment you bring Hitler into an argument you’ve lost – so i’m bringing him in at the start so those of you who think I’ve lost the argument can give up now and have a cup of tea or a mug of Vodka or something else to your liking.  Some say World War II was the last time there was a clear distinction between good and evil – but I disagree on many counts. Firstly, Hitler scratched where many people were itching; like Thatcher i think he came up with all the wrong answers but at least he heard the anger and frustration. It was similar angers and frustration of people who felt ignored, economically and politically hopeless and angry at people they believed were getting a better bite of the cherry than they were. Hitler preyed on the worst of human nature and created the ‘Scape Goat’ – a people group to hate, and they still do it today – the Jew, the Muslim, the Pole …. the other [anyone will do] and let’s vote Brexit to give the establishment a kicking. The irony being that it was the Government not building enough houses, schools and Doctor’s surgeries that created the pressure not the immigrants who came looking for a better life – and when they voted to kick the establishment they supported Trump, Putin, Gove, Farrage, Leadsom & Boris Johnson.

In World War II we went to war with the Dictator. In Iraq we intervened and invaded, in Libya we intervened but didn’t invade, in Syria we neither intervened or invaded – it seems we got it wrong every time. Damned if you do/ damned if you don’t. In Turkey the army attempted a coup which would have put a military dictator in power but the coup failed and they are left with a cunning leader who will now clamp down on any opposition: Which is better a benign dictator or a corrupt democracy???

In the UK we now have an unelected Civil Service of bureaucrats, an unelected Head of State, an unelected Second Chamber [House of Lords] an unelected Prime Minister and an unelected New Government – yet people chose to leave the European Union because it was considered apparently undemocratic! Dictatorship with a democracy????

In the USA they will soon have a Presidential election to choose the most powerful person on the planet and half the nation won’t even bother to vote. Perhaps apathy is the greatest Dictator of them all????

The UK has just gone through one of the greatest acts of democracy ever experienced in the country with the referendum on membership of the European Union. However, the level of debate and lies on both sides leaves democracy morally bankrupt. The vote was only given by an arrogant Tory PM who only wanted to heal divisions within his own Party and thought he had the vote in the bag – but be careful what you wish for. His own nemesis Boris Johnson saw an opportunity to pander to the Tory Right and so led the campaign to Leave without ever expecting or wanting to win – Whoops Apocalypse! Now a vile racism, not seen in decades, has been released onto the streets of Britain. Added to all the angry people who never wanted a referendum and voted to Remain will be a growing number of people who will day by day discover they were sold a lie; there will not be subsidies for farmers and fishermen equal to what came from the EU; there will not be regional money and grants for Wales, Scotland and Ireland; there will not be lower immigration because our ageing population and low skill low pay economy demands immigrants; there will not be £350M extra per week for NHS.

I hope when all that anger gives way to voice and action that someone with integrity is listening and responds with hope, vision and policies for a better future – because if the wrong people are listening and come up with simple solutions to complex issues …… well I don’t want to end with Hitler,  but if the cap fits!

Author: Mark Davey

Mark Davey - Author

18 thoughts on “Evil Dictators”

  1. Interesting points Mark. I believe there are still enough good people in the world to provide hope, vision and compassion; but as long as inequalities persist, then evil dictators and those who follow them will thrive. People have talked about ending poverty for centuries, but the will to achieve that goal will never be shared as long as those who “have” ,benefit at the expense of those who “have not”. We need governments – preferrably elected – with the courage to declare war on poverty. If life is good and societies are more equal, then people will not be looking for someone, or a particular group, to blame for their situation, and the evil dictators will no longer be able to perpetrate the myth of the scapegoat and use it as a means to their evil ends!

  2. Having considered the Brexit debate, I have come to see both sides of the argument a little clearer. There was indeed much wrong with being part of the European Union, namely that of being governed by an undemocratically elected elite in Brussels whom we could not vote out. At least with this government, we can vote them out! My concern with democracy, however, is that of the elite’s ability to twist and distort the facts of the case and cause many people to vote against their own interests! Take the Murdoch Empire for example. A number of Murdoch owned papers are clearly aimed at the middle and elite classes of people, but the Sun newspaper – now that’s genius! Propaganda at its best! After all, The Sun is read by working class people all across the country, except in Liverpool of course – and for good reason, though it is this newspaper that encourages hard working men and women to vote for politicians and governments that will ultimately exploit them. In fact, New Labour became the powerfully-charged political party in part due to a golden handshake, deal-with-the-devil agreement with Rupert Murdoch, the newspapers owner! After all, propaganda is a powerful tool and governments and the media solicitously flirt as they, along with big businesses, have shared interests whose aim it is to make them all rich and powerful at the expense of the common man and woman.

    In the movie V for Vendetta, the main character declares that ‘People shouldn’t be afraid of the Governments, governments should be afraid of their people!’ and goes on to bring about massive social change through a campaign of violence and chaos. Of course, sensible people know that this approach is not the answer to bringing about long-term peace and social change but the sentiment of ‘Governments fearing their people’ is an interesting one.

    Noam Chomsky, one of the Political Left’s greatest champions, says that due to the way that society has developed and progressed over the decades, violence used by the State so as to keep people in line is becoming evermore difficult and inappropriate as communication and people’s ability to assemble has become a powerful tool against oppression. One example of this is that of the use of mobile phones by the general public to record and report police brutality on social media and to organise protests via sites such as Facebook and Twitter. As Jeremy Bentham said, ‘Publicity is the soul of justice!’ and in this day and age, many of us will agree that if ‘out of sight is out of mind’ then it’s opposite is a 1000,000 Facebook shares and a mass campaign of denouncement organised within hours if not minutes! How then do governments and dictators compete with this level of bad publicity? Well, as already mentioned, through propaganda. Since they can’t throw everybody in prison or use intimidation as effectively as in the past, such people are now engaged in ‘the battle for hearts and minds’.

    Scapegoating is an effective form of propaganda and using the media to convince people as to what political position they should take has proved effective. I recently asked a friend’s father what he thought of Jeremy Corbyn. ‘Oh, he’s a nutter, he is!’ was his response. I noticed, however, that he reads the Sun, and the Sun rarely, if ever, writes positive stories about Jeremy Corbyn. In fact, many of his party don’t even speak well of him even though he has become, in some quarters, the people’s champion. Here, they too use the media to discredit him and attempt to overthrow him through the cunning use of propaganda.

    The PLP section of the Labour Party and the Conservative Party can be said to have morphed into one therefore becoming one giant tyrant and dictator. Over the years the political difference between the two has been gradually closing so that it is now difficult to tell one apart from another. This too is a result of shared interests, the media and big business. Many, you will be surprised to learn, on both sides of the so-called political spectrum voted AGAINST the Welfare Bill and FOR an austerity programme, voted for Syrian Airstrikes and Invasion of Iraq and many, from both sides, also rub shoulders with powerful business firms, bankers and media moguls. As a result, those truly standing firm on the Left of the political spectrum have become increasingly marginalised since they refuse to fraternize with the enemy or to be bought. Not in it for financial gain, they strive to make society better for all with as little capitulation to the money god as possible. As recent events have unfolded, however, the big tyrant which has emerged from having joined forces from both the PLP and the Conservatives is proving a force to be reckoned with! Will Jeremy Corbyn and those who wish to bring about positive, discernible and radical change to the United Kingdom succeed? It depends partly on which newspaper’s propaganda prevails!

    1. Thank you Owls,
      It is interesting to think that the leader of Turkey used social media – pleading with the masses to rise up against the military coup on Skype, Face-time and text – in spite of cracking down on social media and access to internet in general. Also that The Daily Mail and Telegraph urged readers to pay £3 last year and vote for Jeremy Corbyn to keep Tories in power. No idea if their propaganda worked there or not??? We know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – Liked the idea that Government should fear the people – though strangely, beside being ready to fight the English King, Government should fear the people was the argument for the Right to bear arms in the American constitution – and we know where that has got us. Thanks again for post.

  3. Social Media is a powerful tool. Tyrants no doubt wish to harness it as much as the common man/woman. And yes, you’re right, they are fine and dandy with it when it serves their purposes.

    In regards to the American Constitution, it is true that Americans are obsessed with the threat that a tyranical government might one day rise up against them and so believe in arming themselves to the teeth. However, Max Keiser, the American Broadcaster and Film Maker could be considered accutely insightful when making the point that Americans, if truely worried about Government tyranny, would have indeed risen up by now! After all, The US government practices its tyranny in many ways. As mentioned in my origninal post, however, it can no longer get away with it so overtly. This is why it is engaged in a battle for ‘hearts and minds’ – a relentless propogandist onlaught that is beamed in via televison, computer and radio to people’s homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week! As a result, many americans are more afraid of black people, mexicans and muslims than they are of their government, who, in reality, are causing them the most harm. A government being afraid of its people doesn’t mean that those people have to arm themselves so as to be combative – as the labour movements etc. have proven. The withdrawel of people’s labour and lack of complience is generally far more effective – as evidenced in the poll tax riots and the Ford’s sewing machinist’s strikes of 1968!

    As for Tories voting for Corbyn so as to keep their party in power, they may as yet, not be aware of unintended consequences. Cameron’s political move to stop people in Labour consituencies from voting backfired when it came to the EU debate as their vote was most needed – Brexit resulted in his resignation!

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