Another French Attack

Tonight the news broke of yet another French terror attack. My ears pricked up as my wife DeeDee in presently in the South of France. She landed in Nice airport yesterday and then headed down south on the train with the Med on her left and the beautiful French countryside on the right. Tonight in Nice, as people celebrated in the street and families watched fire works a truck drove straight at the people and ploughed through the crowds for two kilometres Рkilling more than 70 people before the police shot the driver through the windscreen.  weapons and explosives were found in the truck. My heart goes out to the bereaved and pray the arms of God are wrapped around the French nation.  There are many causes worth dying for but none worth killing for. It is only through working together and co-operation that we can ever truly win. Love always trumps hate Рlet the terrorists read this and tremble Рthey will never live in peace till they lay down their guns. Peace is not the absence of war or the overthrow of an enemy but the sound of children laughing and playing in a world set free.

Author: Mark Davey

Mark Davey - Author

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