Snowflakes at Columbine

As the world begins to move on from the most recent shooting in a USA school one thing is clear – the horror of guns is not going away from American High Schools anytime soon. There are 17 year olds joining the armed forces because they feel safer than high school. There are children affraid to go to school. Parents asking if there are guns in the house of possible sleep overs their kids may attend – and to all this the President;s solution to horrific gun crime is ….. more guns!!!!

In his first comment Trump didn’t mention guns but rather referred to mental illness. It is strange therefore that he supports self certification of no mental health issues to people looking to buy guns. There was a recent documentary where a big 13 year old boy with fake ID tried to buy alcohol and was turned down, then tried to buy cigarettes and was again turned down – but when he tried to buy a gun – he walked out of the door with his own weapon of war.

The President wants to arm teachers as the best method of fighting gun crime in schools and calls those opposed to wide gun access “Snowflakes”.

Well I am calling for an avalanche of snowflakes. Protest is the only thing to change this man’s mind. All sane people in America and around the world must join together and say that the solution to gun crime cannot ever be more guns!!!!

Author: Mark Davey

Mark Davey - Author

6 thoughts on “Snowflakes at Columbine”

  1. This weekend we have seen that if you put enough snowflakes together, they can change the world! Bring on the blizzard!

  2. To confirm definitions, bullies are the ones who threaten to shoot people and snowflakes are the ones whose feelings are hurt. Well, sometimes bullies get shot by snowflakes whose feelings have been hurt one time too many. Except in that state, the armed former snowflakes tend to shoot rather indiscriminately. I understand why my leftist friends all vote this way, but not why Republican women like me ā€” whether Trump supporters or not ā€” would do so. Have you asked them? You must know a few.

    1. I am sorry I don’t know any Republicans – I speak only as an outside observer. From the outside America’s obsession with guns just baffles me.
      The Right To Bear Arms was for a different time and very different circumstances but the world moved on. Without name calling or any sense of superiority I just wish that America would try something different – because the present position doesn’t seem to be working that well. How many more children have die in this horrific way for an outdated ideology????

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