She-Hag is Live

Well the book has launched!

It is available to buy as a paperback or ebook  here:

She-Hag and the Night Mare Legend

It is also possible to get an ebook version for many different platforms Рso just pick the one that you use.  Loads of people shared on Face Book and you can become a follower by LIKING the Facebook page SheHag666

You can also follow on Twitter

The experience of seeing people support and share and be part of the book launch was amazing. The next step is to make public the FREE background ebook The Secret Supernatural World of She-Hag for people who would like a little taster first – it includes a download link to the first seven chapters of the full book. I am also working with Cornerstone publishing to get a paperback into independent book stores before Christmas.

I am going to have a little break before I get down to completing Book Two: She-Hag and the Heart of a Dragon.

Thank you all so much – Mark

Author: Mark Davey

Mark Davey - Author

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