Doctor #13

Well at long last the BBC have announced that Jodie Whittaker will be taking over the role of Dr Who from Peter Capaldi in the Christmas edition of the show – which will feature the first, twelfth and thirteenth incarnations of The Doctor and will be played by a woman for the first time – or technically the second time if you count the Comic Relief version from a few years back when Rowan Atkinson’s Doctor transformed into Joanna Lumley – which was great fun but begs the question is this a good thin or a bad thing?

For sure it has been on the cards for years – and now it has been done.

For me; I was dreading this being the case as i feel that part of The Doctor’s charm was that is a universe of violence a man found a way to beat the bad guys without a weapon, armed with no more than a sonic screwdriver, a razor sharp wit and mind blowing courage – we expect this from a woman – but a man????

Maybe it is time that woman was given the role and I wish Jodie Whittaker the very best in role. I will take some convincing as for me the Doctor has always been a man, albeit a different sort of man. Also we have just had The Master incarnated into a woman in the form of Missy and I feel that it was just a little too soon to give The Doctor the same treatment.

On the other hand we now have a very different kind of role model and super hero – only time will tell if this was the right choice – and TIME is not yet saying a word!

What do you think?